Eco-friendly production should be at the very core of every manufacturing process in the marine industry, as preserving the sea and environment is the only way to make sure to enjoy them in the future. While Dyneema®, aramid, Dacron, carbon fibers, chemicals, and glues remain the mainstay of sailmaking, that seems an attainable dream.

We are teaming up with the University of Udine and the Faculty of Polymer Technology - FTPO, part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, as an operating partner to support the application and testing of eco-friendly materials in sailmaking.
We also focus on reducing waste from our manufacturing processes through the reuse of it.


Our circular design mindset

We are very talented at reusing all sorts of materials and objects. As designers and artisans, we create original tools for making our production environment more effective and comfortable. Did you know we have a 40-year-old skateboard that travels on our cutting table to bring stuff from one end to another?


Teaming up with the Excellence!

Since 2021, our collaboration with the University of Ljubljana (with the Research Team for the Study of Polymer Technology) aims to produce recycled fabrics from polymers and natural fibers. Producing entirely recyclable sail is our ultimate goal.

Giving new life to sail waste

Wind Design sails supports Upwind by Aurora scs by supplying parts of cloth discarded from sails production. It is a project conceived and developed by the Aurora Social Cooperative. Through tailoring techniques and the use of recycled materials in an eco-friendly way, they make accessories not only for aesthetic purposes. They contribute to the social inclusion of women belonging to vulnerable groups by carrying out job training and job placements.
They promote more responsible and sustainable consumption for the environment in society by reusing goods that would be thrown into landfills.