The WD Sails Team’s expertise includes extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics analysis while complemented by external technical support for defining structural and technical solutions for sails and equipment. Through simulated and 3D prototyping, we can create and test custom parts for the sails.

We are partnering with Advantech TIME, the Universities of Udine and Portorose to develop usage, improvements, recovery, and transformation of available materials.


We avoid overengineering by indentifying our customer's needs and expectations

We work hard to meet project's requirements beyond software constraints

We perform an hardware check and the on-site measurement to build fine-tuned products

We offer the best possible hardware and rigging products from our first-class partners

We personally test the stability, the performance and the durability of sailcloth materials

We pay the utmost attention to details to lighten, strengthen, and optimize the single parts of sails


Focus on customer needs to prevent overengineering

Starting a conversation with our customers is the first step in creating a new sail or a custom sail plan. This way, we can better understand their type of sailing, boat, current sail plan, and sail conditions, and what they wish to get from their sail experience.
We take accurate measurements from their boat before creating a 3D model of the sailboat and the rigging structure as a framework for modeling the new sail. Analysis, with a hands-on and visual approach, allows us to generate solutions from a clear picture of the strain and load lines on the sailcloth and, globally, on the overall structure.


Customer-centered design beyond software constraints

Aaron is the Chief Designer at WD Sails. He is in charge of the design process. With his twenty years of experience in this role, he tackles every design work with the utmost attention to be sure that the final product fully aligns with customer needs and expectations.
WD Sails can also rely on external designers when needed, but its team is still responsible for checking the geometries and finishes. Close collaboration with the French Team of BSG SAILPACK (a worldwide leader in sail design software) is crucial when the available software features don’t “officially” keep up with WD Sails innovative design ideas.
A 3D modeling software like Rhinoceros is paramount in designing valuable and cost-effective solutions for winglets, sails, and tensile structures.


Hardware check on-site for fine-tuned products

The analysis of the equipment (volumes, aerodynamics, and structure of the standing rig, mast, running rig, and more) is an activity we perform for each boat, even when this is a well-known series boat.
A hardware check and the on-site measurement of the geometries allow us to have a global vision of the boat and to be able to intervene or proceed to solutions and improvements.
The type of analysis that we conduct depends on the needs and objectives set by the customer (for example, it's more extensive and complex for racing sailboats or for ocean sailing boats).


Best-in-class rigging products from our partners

The WD Sails team keeps up to date with the latest innovations in the marine industry. They constantly pursue to expand their product offering and search out new cutting-edge products.
As a partner of the Sailing Point Group, WD Sails takes advantage of some technical benefits, such as the best products on the market by Harken, Spinlock, Tylaska, Wichard, Allen, Gottifredi Maffioli, and Clamcleat. They also have direct access to the technical advice services of all these companies. WD Sails has always teamed up with the best rigging specialists in Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy, building synergies to offer the best possible service to their customers.


First-hand sailctoth testing

For the production of sails, while having access to all manufacturers in the world and, basically, to an infinite set of materials, we use and recommend only those that we tested as most stable, best performing, and long-lasting.
Our major suppliers are Bainbridge (UK), Challenge (USA), Dimension Polyant (DE), Contender (DK), Powerplast (IT) for sailcloth fabrics.


Attention to detail to aim for excellence

Throughout the seasons, we analyze and observe the needs, and the best solutions to lighten, strengthen and optimize the single parts of sails and their accessories. With the help of tools for 3D design, we design and build customized rings and hooks and, potentially, many other accessories and details.
Moreover, we can create customized one-off details and accessories for cruising and racing, always aiming for excellence.


If you have questions about which type of sail is best for your boat and your sailing style or if you need some advice,
you can book a free call with our sail expert who will be happy to help you.

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